Reconnect your body clock with nature

Circada improves health and wellbeing through intuitive health-oriented lighting that transitions light according to the time of day and year in tune with your environment

  • Supports health
    & wellbeing
  • Improves sleep &
    increases alertness
  • Quick & easy
    to install

The problem we're solving is mitigating the harmful effects of ubiquitous artificial lighting. This is due to the fact we’ve actually evolved to work with a roughly 24-hour cycle in time with the sun known as the circadian rhythm that is primarily set by light in the environment. The artificial lighting that sets out 24/7 modern schedule is therefore having an impact with a global survey finding 70% of us have >1 hour jetlag as a result. Substantial further research suggests the misalignment is harming our mental and physical health and having a detriment on our sleep at night and alertness during the day


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