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a journey into the heart of Circada, where innovation meets
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Leaders in circadian lighting driving healthcare outcomes

Circada leads the way in delivering the most advanced lighting products and interventions designed to enhance health. Our technology incorporates the latest insights into the human circadian rhythm, the body's internal clock that responds to light signals in the environment, governing our bodily functions. In many spaces, lighting is often an afterthought, yet its crucial role in our body's functionality is becoming increasingly evident. At Circada, we prioritize the fundamental role of lighting in health, reflected in the simplicity of our system's installation and operation. We are actively engaged in cutting-edge research, particularly in settings like patient recovery in intensive care and neuro-rehabilitation.





Lighting and life aligned with nature’s rhythm.

In our hectic modern lives, we often find ourselves in poorly lit indoor spaces during the day and surrounded by overly bright screens and lights in the evening. Although we may subjectively adapt to this environment, our circadian rhythm, influenced by the light around us, gets disrupted, impacting various bodily functions such as metabolism, sleep, and mental well-being.

Circada restores harmony to your space and circadian rhythm. By aligning the intensity, color, and specific wavelengths of light with the sun's natural progression, we support your body clock and overall health. Simultaneously, our system creates beautiful and harmonious lighting scenes, reestablishing the connection between your environment and the natural world outside.

Our Story

Inspired by personal experiences with light therapy, our founder, Sam, questioned why artificial light, despite its crucial role in health, wasn't more aligned with our well-being. Faced with a lack of effective and straightforward solutions and conflicting advice, he embarked on developing the Circada system.

This system closely and simply mimics how our bodies have naturally evolved — in harmony with the sun.

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