This is the one thing you can do now to reset your body clock, from a circadian rhythm expert

Posted: 5th June 2023

The body clock, or circadian rhythm, is the synchronisation of a roughly 24-hour cycle in time with the sun present in almost all organisms. It influences when we feel hungry, when we are alert and likewise feel like we need sleep. It also regulates the activity of our metabolism, body temperature, immune system and much more.

Disturbances in the body clock, which can have an effect similar to jetlag, are common, and can be somewhat a symptom of modern society – for instance, by spending our time in poorly lit offices during the day and bright homes of an evening. Research has shown 70% of us are subsequently an hour or more out of sync.

This disturbance of the body clock impacts our health and performance, resulting in our sleep being affected, and it’s not just the odd yawn here or there that it causes – according to RAND Europe, sleep disorders cost the UK an estimated £50billion annually and circadian misalignment-caused sleep disorders is a part of this.

Despite the body clock being so crucial to our health and wellbeing, it is not necessarily difficult to keep it regular or return it to its natural schedule.

Circada Founder, Sam Lewtas, says just one simple adjustment can help to regulate your clock and resync your body with nature.

He recommends getting more natural light – particularly mid/late-morning – since natural light is typically brighter and more effective than the light we get indoors. Even just 15-20 minutes of natural light can make all the difference.

He says: “Morning light is thought to bring the body clock earlier, while evening and night light delays it – hence why staying up late to finish that movie or video game can lead to later and later bedtimes.”

“By realigning your circadian rhythm, your overall cognitive function, mood and sleep can all be positively affected, it can even reduce your risk of road traffic accidents.”

Circada provides lighting that brings nature indoors by matching the sun’s rhythm outside, boosting health and well-being. A three-month pilot of the system was recently launched at the Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust in Liverpool.


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